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Pressure washing can be an invaluable way to clean up any space, delivering a powerful stream of water to clean away even the toughest dirt and stains. If you do not own your own pressure washer, then pressure washing services can be an excellent option in July 2024.

Our pressure washing services in Uxbridge are carried out by pressure washing experts that understand the value of exterior cleaning. We at Genius Cleaning know how powerful the pressure washing process really is, and we can use it to provide effective cleaning services for any exterior surfaces.

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From a patio to a driveway, we can remove dirt, grime, stains and debris without causing damage to the surfaces we are cleaning. Boasting some of the best pressure washing experts in the UK, we know how to tackle even the most persistent exterior cleaning problems.

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Why Choose Us?

We offer a large range of pressure washing services, anything from Driveway Pressure washing to Exterior Wall Cleaning. No matter what service you desire we always aim to give you the best service possible.

With our super high standards and attention to detail, there is no need to worry about the quality of service we offer, as a business our biggest aim is to garner the best results possible.

We have been providing quality services to people in your city for many years now, which means we have direct experience with installations carried out in and around your area.

Instead of conducting our business through a sister company or hiring another contractor business, we focus on getting the work done ourselves.

Every one of our expert pressure washersin Uxbridge is:

Trusted & Experienced

We understand every one of the washing services and cleaning services we offer and how to use them best. Our power washer work allows us to handle exterior cleaning at any scale with absolutely no faults or mistakes.

Reliable & Fully Insured

We do not miss appointments or overcharge for our pressure washing services.

You get the cleaning services you deserve, all while being protected from pressurised water damage or deep clean issues.

Our professionals also know how to handle every machine and power tools we rely on, meaning that we are not sending you inexperienced newcomers to the pressure washing industry.

Regular Cleaning Options

We offer regular power cleaning services across the UK.

Having regular maintenance visits are recommended to stay on top of the areas.

Our commercial pressure washer service is no-nonsense and highly effective, offering powerful and cost-effective cleaning services to any client.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We aim for a high standard of quality with our pressure washing service.

Even the most basic jet washing services in Uxbridge need to make a difference, and we take pride in offering the best pressure washing services possible.

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What Do We Clean?

Our pressure washing services take on many forms, all of which can be valuable cleaning services in different situations. Just like the pressure washers we use, our services are versatile enough to deal with many external surfaces.


Whether it is an entire building or just a single piece of decking, every job is different. As a business, we understand how to provide the right solution for each situation, giving you the cleaning options you need.

Gutter Cleaning & Roof Cleaning in Uxbridge

Cleaning gutters with a pressure washer allows us to reduce clogging, prevent overflows and extend the lifespan of your entire roof.

Additionally, your home roof is one of the many hard surfaces that you tend to forget about, but cleaning it can be important for its long-term durability.

Our jet washing services make it easy to get your downspout, gutter and roof pressure-washed safely.

Patio Cleaning in Uxbridge

The patio is a major focus of our exterior cleaning services and one of the most common outdoor surfaces we are called upon to clean.

The patios around any building can quickly begin to gather dirt, especially if that patio is used very often.

Driveway Cleaning & Car Park Cleaning in Uxbridge

A driveway and sidewalk can end up incredibly filthy due to long-term use – like patios, we can tackle even the most caked-on dirt and tire marks with a pressure washer.

Car parks are one large driveway, and the accumulated grime can become a real problem in the long run. We can rely on our machines and equipment to provide efficient and cost-effective cleaning for any open space, even a large concrete or asphalt parking area.

UPVC Soffit Cleaning in Uxbridge

Soffit boards often get overlooked during normal exterior cleaning services, but we can use our power washing equipment to blast away any lingering dirt that might block vents or cause long-term roof damage.

Conservatory Cleaning Near Me

Conservatories may require careful exterior cleaning due to the heavy use of glass windows, and we can use our specialised pressure washing equipment to clean off the dirt without putting your conservatory at any risk.

When window cleaning in a conservatory, we make sure to use different equipment and techniques, such as a soft wash as this reduces the risks of damaging the windows.

Siding & Cladding Cleaning Near Me

Vinyl siding and cladding can acquire a lot of dirt over time, and our pressure washing service can take care of it in almost no time.

We will use different cleaning techniques to tackle cleaning the cladding and siding in the best way.

Decking Cleaning Near Me

Cleaning decking is a common service which we offer for residential and commercial properties.

When cleaning wood we use different techniques to avoid damaging the surfacing.

We can clean up the space without damaging the decking itself, making sure we do not contribute to any wear and tear.

Factory Cleaning in Uxbridge

Factories tend to be dirty places, and efficient cleaning is important for keeping the space usable.

Our fully trained pressure-washing experts know how to use pressure washing equipment to completely clean a factory of any size, taking care around sensitive equipment.

Pressure Washer Graffiti Removal in Uxbridge

Removing graffiti from hard services can be tough, but we know how to provide the pressure washing service necessary to strip it away quickly – all without damaging the hard surfaces underneath.

Sometimes with graffiti removal jobs, we will have to use different power washing products to remove the graffiti paint as it can be more difficult to remove.

Solar Panel Cleaning Near Me

Solar panels are sensitive pieces of equipment, but we can use a range of techniques and safe chemicals to ensure high-pressure cleaning without damaging the panel surfaces.

When power washing solar panels, our professionals make sure to use the correct products and filters to carry out an excellent finish. 

Chewing Gum Cleaning in Uxbridge

Chewing gum is another constant annoyance, something we can strip from decking, driveways, house walls, sidewalks or any other surfaces with ease.

Tennis Court Cleaning in Uxbridge

A tennis court can be a large place to clean, but we have the chemicals and tools to clean the entire surface of any grime.

A build up of moss and algae on your tennis court can become a hazard as it will be slippery and sometimes unusable.

It is important to stay on top of your tennis court cleaning with regular maintenance visits and this is something we offer.

Exterior Wall Cleaning (Brick & Render) in Uxbridge

Exterior cleaning as a whole is an important part of keeping walls strong and nice-looking.

Cleaning brick walls, stone, render or stucco is a popular treatment which we offer throughout the UK.

Our cleaning service includes all kinds of cleaning techniques to help keep your building looking good and free from long-term wear and tear.

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Uxbridge Pressure Washing Costs

The average costs of our pressure washing services in Uxbridge can range from between £400-700.

Of course, our fully trained pressure washing professionals take on a range of different tasks from domestic customers – all with their own cleaning requests and specifications.

We offer the best service possible with our jet washing tools, and that means working with all our customers individually.

Our prices are based on whatever services you need, no matter how specific. Costs will depend on the kind of pressure washing service you want, the time the jet washing will take, and your location in the UK – among other factors.

Pressure Washing Cost Factors

Listed below are some of the pressure washing cost factors that can change the price of your job:

We would always suggest getting in touch with us to talk through the process. Our experts can give you expert advice on any services you may require, we could even save you money by recommending certain treatments over others.

Hot or Cold Pressure Washing Services

We can provide both hot and cold commercial pressure washing service options, allowing us to tackle each jet washing treatment request as needed.

Using different water temperatures gives us far more flexibility, allowing for guaranteed results in situations where there are multiple surfaces or property spaces in need of cleaning.

Power washing steam cleaners provide an effective sanitation to areas and can get certain jobs done quicker as some chemical products are more effective when used with heat.

What are the Benefits of Pressure Washing?

The benefits of pressure washing include:

Our pressure washing services in Uxbridge provide a huge range of benefits for dealing with all kinds of cleaning problems and dirty spaces.

Whatever parts of your property you need to be cleaned, we can provide the right service for the job.

All of our pressure washing services are fully adaptable and can be suited to any kind of project with ease. We are a versatile pressure washing company with a huge range of different skills to offer.

What is Pressure Washing?

Pressure washing is the use of  high pressure water machine to remove dirt and other grime from surfaces.

It is commonly used to remove the build up of mud, mould, moss, algae and chewing gum from flooring, buildings and vehicles.

When jet washing we will use a specialist machine with different accessories, such as nozzles and hose attachments.


What is the Difference Between Pressure Washing and Power Washing?

Pressure washing uses unheated water, while power washing uses heated water. This can be a significant difference depending on the kind of service you need since some surfaces respond better to washing with one or the other.

Is Pressure Washing a Good Idea?

Pressure washing is a great way to remove a buildup of dirt from your house and property, whether that means washing dirty substances off a concrete surface or cleaning stains from a brick wall surface.

Our pressure washing service in Uxbridge allows for the removal of debris and grime that will not leave with normal cleaning methods. We can provide reliable cleaning and washing options for our customers, allowing our cleaners to handle dirt removal on a much larger scale.

How Long Does it Take to Pressure Wash a House?

Pressure washing homes can take anywhere from 30 minutes to over three hours, depending on the size of your property and the size of the surface needed to clean.

The size of any given building is going to make a big difference. The larger your property is, the longer it will take to wash on average, although this will not matter that much if we are only dealing with a small dirty patch.

Larger-scale work can be much more involved and may even require multiple machines and different tools to handle correctly.

We always make sure that we are taking every possible step to simplify our work, minimising the number of delays and waiting periods each client needs to endure.

Can you Pressure Wash Block Paving?

If block paving has been sealed, then it can be pressure washed.

As a professional pressure washing company, we understand how to work with all kinds of surfaces and materials.

Even strong driveways may require certain steps to be taken to ensure minimal damage from the high-pressure water.

We are fully insured and have a huge pool of experience to draw from, meaning that we approach every property as carefully as possible.

What are PSI and GPM?

PSI is the Pounds Per Square Inch. This is what delivers the punch during a power wash, forcing contaminants off the surface.

GPM is the Gallons Per Minute and refers to the flow rate of water which moves through the nozzle each minute. This flushes contaminants pushed off by the PSI.

The average pressure washer produces 2.5 GPM and 2,000 PSI.

What Time is the Best Time of Year to Pressure Wash?

The best time of year to pressure wash is in the Spring due to the ideal weather conditions.

Pressure washing can still be carried out throughout the year.

How Often Should I Pressure Wash?

It is recommended to pressure wash at least once a year.

There are several factors to take into consideration before deciding how often you should pressure wash and these includes:

How can I find a Reputable Pressure Washing Contractor?

To find reputable pressure washing contractors, you should check out their previous work, get client references and recommendations.

When you have found a cleaning company, you should call them to get a quote but to also ask about their experience, insurance and licensing.

What are the Risks of Pressure Washing?

The risks associated with pressure washing are from the high pressure steam, not angling correctly, using the wrong nozzle and not wearing safety equipment.

If you do not have experience with this type of cleaning, then it can be dangerous and you can cause damage to surfaces or yourself.

What Not to Pressure Wash

There are certain things we you should not pressure wash and these include:

Can you Clean Fence with Pressure Washer?

Yes, you can clean fencing with a pressure washer as it works well to remove a buildup of dirt and grime.

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As a professional and experienced pressure washing company with countless past clients under our belt, we know how to tackle pressure washing in almost any situation.

We can provide the best high-pressure washing options for your needs, no matter what kind of mess we need to clean up.

Each job we take on is unique, so we offer a free quote to tell you what kind of costs you should expect.

Our Commercial Pressure Washing Service

Whether we’re dealing with paving slabs or garden furniture, we aim to provide a reliable solution that can deal with your current dirt and grime situation effectively.

As a business, we understand how important our relationship with our customers is. If you have any questions about our pressure washing options or the other services we offer, contact us to talk with one of our experts.

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